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Email 13-04-2020


For Sale Direct Owner FXX-K AND FXX-K EVO

Email 29-03-2020


FXX-K for sale

Email 13-02-2020


superb site With beautiful photos and a complete list of participants at different events, maybe just missing info on the colors with their names

Email 28-08-2019

Marcel Massini

Which S/N is race #73 seen with Nick Coslov at Laguna Seca in May 2019?

Email 01-11-2018

Julius Stöckler

The is a NEW FXXK Evo coming #93 for cris from tempestaracing

Email 07-06-2018


where is the shanghai race?,and why didn't you upload #77 (former #1 i think) ,great site anyways

Email Website 02-06-2018


It's really nice, keep up the good work.

Email Website 03-04-2018


This is a great site.

Email 21-02-2018


Seems like chassis numbers for #1/#10/#31 a bit mixed up!

Email Website 12-02-2018


Really love your site.

Email 30-08-2017


Interested in buying

Email Website 24-07-2017


You are very generous in sharing so much info about an understanding that is very simple, yet, may be hard to grasp for a very tired mind, nice work!

Email 04-05-2017

Unknown Auto Journalist

Big fan of #38 car. Hope you catch some great shots of him in Monza if he's on the entry list.

Email 17-02-2017

Unknown Auto Journalist

if you would like to put the last name to car #38 it is Shen

Email 23-10-2016


If somebody interest to buy one FXX-K please let me know.

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